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Welcome to the Foundation Stage at St Mary’s

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Starting in the Foundation Stage is a new and exciting time for both parents and children. It is here where our children embark on the very beginnings of their learning journey.

The Foundation Stage is run by a team of specialists- Mrs Bee, and Mrs Coleman. We work closely together to provide an exciting and 'hands-on' early year's curriculum that builds and extends upon children's learning experiences.

We support and guide our children as they begin to make connections in their experiences and explore the environment and world around them. We focus on forming good relationships and encourage the children to take time to listen and share with each other as well as falling out and learning to make up with their friends.

Our Sessions

For FS1 children, sessions take place daily between 9am - 12noon or 12.30pm - 3.30pm.  Both sessions offer child initiated and independent activities together with group sessions which include story time and work on phonics and numeracy.  Children will need to bring a spare change of clothes for any accidents and a PE kit containing navy shorts, white t-shirt and plimsolls, to be left in school over the half term.

Snack time is built into each session where children are provided with milk/water and fresh fruit.  Sign up for milk at  Under 5's receive free milk!

For our FS2 children, the school day is between 9.00am - 3.30pm.  Morning break is between 10.30-10.45am and is taken with the rest of the school.  Lunchtime is between 12noon - 1.00pm.

Each day is made up of story time, group time, child initiated and independent activities and topic related literacy and numeracy work.

PE sessions are taken by Mr Wathall and your child will need the following items:

  • Navy shorts                 
  • White T-shirt
  • Plimsolls
  • Jogging bottoms
  • Long sleeved top


If you have any questions or require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us or call into the school office.

Mrs Bee, & Mrs Coleman

Autumn Term September - December

Dear Parents/ Carers 

Welcome to a new and exciting school year!  We are extremely proud of all the children in the foundation stage who have had an amazing first few days in school.  We have been impressed with how well they have adapted to new routines and joined in with all aspects of learning with great enthusiasm.

Over the autumn term we will be focusing on building relationships and developing our confidence in school.  This will involve following and joining in with key routines, using and applying our class promises, accessing the classroom environment independently and engaging in new play experiences with enthusiasm and confidence.

The timetable below outlines our termly focus & themes; however there may be changes as we work through the Autumn term due to whole school events and more importantly the children's interests and requests!


Main Focus

Activities Planned




Amazing Me!


Over the next few weeks we will be finding out about ourselves and how marvellous we all are!  We will be talking about our families, likes, dislikes and what makes us the same and different to others.  We will also be using mirrors to explore our faces and draw our self-portraits.  To be on display in class soon!

As we work and play we continuously embed our five class promises.  We encourage children to apply these promises to their play and use the language to help solve simple problems.

  • We are sharing and caring
  • We listen to each other
  • We speak kindly and touch gently
  • We choose, use and put away
  • We are friends together

In numeracy we will be using a variety of rhymes to develop children's number recognition and understanding of sequences before moving on to counting carefully.  We will also work on our 2d shape recognition, working towards describing and sorting by their properties.







Autumn / Harvest Celebrations



For the latter part of the half term we will focus our learning around the theme of 'Autumn' along side the celebration of 'Harvest'.  This will involve sharing lots of Autumn themed stories as well as using our senses to explore the seasonal changes in the natural environment around us. 

We will discuss the theme of being 'thankful' in our class collective worship, as well as using some of Gods wonderful gifts this harvest, to make a yummy vegetable soup!

Through the stories of 'Owl Babies' and 'It was a cold dark night' we will make links with day & night, hibernation and seasonal changes.  The children will be encouraged to share these stories with you at home, following a simple story map.

We will also spend time thinking about the celebration of bonfire night.  This will involve sharing our experiences and learning about some bonfire night traditions.  We won't be letting any fireworks off in school, but we will be making some yummy chocolate sparklers in our baking session.  Hopefully these will make it home in one piece!

In numeracy we will be working on counting reliably including things that can't be moved or seen.  As well as developing confidence with recognising dice patterns through lots of games and challenges.  We will also explore with the terms 'heavy' and 'light' using a range of harvest veggies.








 Diwali Celebrations


We will continue to develop our understanding of festivals by making links to the celebration of Diwali.  This will involve taking part in many cultural traditions alongside developing an understanding of the meaning behind the religious festival. 

In numeracy we will work on following and creating a range of patterns using shapes, colours and pictures.  Our F2 children will also continue to consolidate their work on partitioning 5 objects, exploring with ways to record their thinking and applying their knowledge to solve simple problems.





 Christmas Celebrations


To finish the term we will be getting prepared for the celebration of Christmas!  This will involve taking part in a range of festive activities, sharing and role playing the Christmas story and developing an understanding of the reasons why we celebrate Christmas as Christians.

In numeracy we will explore with Christmas capacity and the properties of 3d shapes.




To ensure that your child is prepared for each school day please send them with their book bag, a waterproof coatand a change of socks and pants.  Please make sure all of your child's clothing is clearly labelled to avoid losing school uniform.

PE for our full time children will take place on a Tuesday with Mr Wathall.  Please make sure that long hair is tied back and earrings are removed.  A full PE kit including t-shirt, shorts,socks, sweatshirt, trainers and jogging bottoms is required.

Each morning break children can purchase toast at a cost of 25p and on a Friday visit the tuck shop for a selection of healthy snacks for 40p.  Please put coins in a small purse or zipped pocket in their book bag so they can access this independently.  Fruit is also available throughout the day on the 'munch & mingle' table for children to access in their free play.  To avoid sharing any unnecessary germs, we ask parents to send their child with their own drinks bottle.  This will enable them to fill it up with water when required and stay hydrated throughout the day.  A quick reminder to parents if you haven't already, if your child would like milk please register at Under fives receive free milk!

Forest sessions form an important part of our children's physical development, helping to build upon their stamina and gross motor movements as well as fostering a great love of the outdoors.  Please ensure children bring appropriate footwear and a warm waterproof coat, we will be venturing in to the forest or our school nature area whatever the weather! Sessions will take place weekly on a Friday morning or afternoon (alternate session for part time children).  These settings provide a wonderful outdoor classroom for the children to explore and investigate and we plan to take full advantage of this great resource.

Parents are welcome to 'Stay and play' from the morning of Friday 6th October from 8:50 am/ afternoon from 12:30pm for the first twenty minutes of the session.  This is to allow our children time to settle and develop confidence within their new routines.  Parents who are unable to attend but would love to pop in and see what we are doing are welcome any time apart from after school on a Wednesday when we have our staff meeting.

Tapestry Learning Journeys- Tapestry is our eLearning resource where we can share your child's learning from home and school.  If you're not signed up already please come andgive us youremail address so we can link up with you at home!  Please check your spam boxes for email invitations that may have gone astray.  Tapestry journals will be updated half termly.

As always, please come and chat to us if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything.  Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Bee & Mrs Coleman 


This Year's Curriculum

There are seven areas of learning and development that shape the educational programme for the Early Years at St Marys.

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Physical development

  • Communication and language

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding The world

  • Expressive Arts & Design 

All areas of learning are important and interconnected. The three prime areas (in bold) are particularly crucial for igniting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive. 

At St Marys we consider the individual needs, interest and stage of development of each child in our care. We plan challenging and enjoyable experiences in all areas of learning and development. 

Each area of learning and development is implemented through planned, purposeful play and through a mix of adult led and child initiated activity. Play is essential for children's development, building their confidence as they learn to explore, to think about problems and relate to others. Children learn by leading their own play, and taking part in play which is guided by adults. Practitioners respond to each child's emerging needs and interest, guiding their development through warm, positive interaction.

Please find details of the phonic reading scheme HERE 

Class 1 Homework

FS1 children will choose a library book to share at home each week.

FS2 Children will have a weekly reading book and keywords to practise at home. Please comment in your child's home diary. Letter sound sheets will also be sent as they are covered in class.

Please see the Current term tab for further ideas of activities you and your child could do at home.

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