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Class 2 - Mrs Sambrook

Dear Parents and children,


I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and are refreshed and ready to learn!  This term we will be focusing our learning through the Christian value of Endurance for the first half term and Forgiveness for the second half term.  Our topic for the whole term is Polar Opposites.


Our enquiry question in science is, What can we do to help planet earth?  This will cover learning about climate change, recycling, reducing energy and being water-wise.  We will use these themes to develop our skill around asking questions, setting up investigations, predicting results and drawing conclusions from investigations.


In geography we will be learning about continents and oceans and the Equator line.  This will help us to understand the climate and weather in the Arctic and Antarctic.


In history we will be trying to find the answer to, Who was Scott of the Antarctic and why was he famous?  We will develop our understanding of the chronology of events and how we can find out about the past using a variety of artefacts.  


In art and design, we will focus on developing our observational drawing skills, colour mixing and the use of mixed media when creating art work based on polar bears, penguins and toucans.  We will also design, make and evaluate a finger puppet of an arctic animal.  Throughout the year we will be using ICT to respond to our topic work but our main focus for this term is learning how to write simple instructions and predict action when programming.


Each week we will continue to offer a different cooking activity.  The children will take it in turns to make a tasty treat for the whole class to enjoy.  This gives us a great opportunity to practise a range of skills from reading and following instructions, taking turns, sharing, handling equipment responsibly, weighing and measuring, working together and communicating with one another.  It fosters great teamwork and a sense of pride and achievement when sharing their treat with the rest of the class!  A £3 donation for the term would be greatly appreciated to help me cover the cost of the ingredients.


Throughout the term the children will be developing their reading and writing skills by learning about the key features of narrative writing and use this to write their own narrative about Judy Hop’s training to become a police officer from the film Zootropolis.  They will also develop their creativity through writing diary entries and letters as Captain Scott in connection with our history topic and our Christian value of Endurance.  In addition, the children will learn about the features of information writing and use this to create information pages about polar bears.


Throughout the term in Maths, the year one children will be learning about place value of numbers up to 50 working on recognising, comparing and ordering numbers.  In calculation, they will work on addition and subtraction facts up to 20 and beyond.  In measures they will be learning how to compare and work out the length, weight and capacity of different objects and solve simple problems. 


Throughout the term in Maths, the year two children will be learning about multiplication, division and linking this learning to fractions.  In calculation, they will continue to work on addition and subtraction to 100 by partitioning.  In measures they will be learning how to measure accurately and record the length, weight and capacity of different objects and solve simple problems. 


All in all, it promises to be a very busy term!  If your child has anything they wish to share that relates to our topic, they are welcome to bring it in.  (Please be aware that if children bring in a toy from home, they must be responsible for it.  I recommend that precious things are left at home as there is always a risk of things getting broken or lost.)


Kind regards


Mrs. Sambrook

Class Teacher