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Class 3 - Miss Wright

Hello! I can’t wait to welcome you all back to school in just a few weeks’ time! (It feels like such a long time since we were last together). Over the past few weeks, I have been busy preparing for your return and would like to take this opportunity to show you a sneaky peek at our classroom ready for September. You may notice from the pictures that I have had a little move around to ensure we are following guidelines to keep you as safe as can be. Not only will you all have your own space/seat but you’ll also have your own individually labelled equipment pack to help you with your learning, as well as cleaning stations to keep germs at bay.

I know some of you, parents and children alike, may find the prospect of returning to school after such a long time a little daunting but I’d like to reassure you that we have lots of fun things planned to get you back into the swing of school life!


This half term, our topic work will focus initially on Geography as we study the geographical features of France. We will learn about French landmarks, locations and climates; and pose the question: ‘What is France famous for?”

As part of this work, we will also be studying different aspects of French culture. For example, in Art we shall be finding out ‘What made Claude Monet’s artwork so influential?’ and in DT we shall have the opportunity to taste a variety of French foods when exploring, ‘What do people eat in France?’


In our Science sessions, we will be learning about ‘What happens to the food we eat?’ by studying the digestive system and teeth in humans. The children will have opportunities to investigate which liquids are most harmful to teeth. In our RE sessions, the children will learn about ‘Inspirational People from the Past’, with a particular emphasis on religious leaders from a variety of faiths. The children will discuss and identify the positive attributes of inspirational people based on the stories we read together. In Music, the children will be studying descriptive sounds that tell stories. In this unit, they will be developing the ability to listen and respond to music, as well as creating their own musical compositions.


Class 3’s weekly PE sessions will be led by Mr. Wathall on Monday and Tuesday afternoons; Tuesdays will be swimming with more information to follow in September. Please ensure your child has the correct PE kit for each session. If you have any queries regarding this, don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Wathall.


In English this half term, the children will initially be focusing on exploring their use of effective vocabulary when writing narratives. After this, they will be using their knowledge from our topic sessions, to inform their non-fiction writing when writing non-chronological reports about France. The children will also access a weekly Grammar session, where they will develop skills that will lend itself to the genre of writing being covered. In addition to this, the children will access a weekly Guided Reading sessions, where they will explore longer texts in more depth.


In Maths this half term, we will be working to improve our place value knowledge and understanding, as well as looking at mental strategies and written methods for addition and subtraction. We will also be focusing on mastering our multiplication facts. For those children new to Key Stage Two, please log on to Dojo, where I can send you your child’s TTRockstar information so they can have a go before September.


Homework will be given out each Friday (beginning the first full week back) and will usually consist of one piece of English and one piece of Maths. Where appropriate, English homework may be linked to our topic work. Homework should be submitted to your child’s Dojo portfolio by the following Wednesday. In addition to this, the children will receive weekly spelling lists each Friday and be tested on these spellings on the following Friday. We also recommend that you read regularly with your child at home (at least three times a week) and record in their reading diary.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly via Dojo about any concerns you might have about your child’s progress or well-being; I am more than happy to help.


Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Kind regards,




Miss K Wright