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Class 4 - Miss Davey

Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back! I can’t quite believe it is the Spring term already! I hope you have all had a lovely and relaxing Christmas, and are all ready for a new year!

This term, the children will be answering our learning question: What happened to the Mayans? We will be researching who the Mayans were, what made them so special and most importantly, where did they go? We will also be learning lots about Earth and Space, using virtual reality to explore our galaxy, and exploring how and why some people believe the Earth is flat. This will consist eventually, of homework project in which the children will research a specific aspect of their choice and create some kind of presentation or art work.

In English, we will start the term learning about a Pixar clip called 'Lifted'. We will cover many reading objectives with this clip, and eventually result in a piece of narrative writing and a persuasive text. This will link to our space topic, and we will have several connections with our core value of endurance. Towards the end of the term, we will be studying autobiographies and astronauts such as Buzz Aldrin and Tim Peake. Children will write their own about an astronaut, a result of their extensive research and planning.

RE will focus on pilgrimage and how different these may be across religions. We will learn about the concept of salvation and resurrection as Easter approaches, as well as discussing our weekly ‘big question’. Our first ‘big question’ will be: ‘Does free will actually exist?’

As in previous terms, where possible, Maths and English lessons will be topic linked. There are certain key areas:




  • Number and place  value (up to and above 6 digit numbers)
  • Addition and subtraction; multiplication and division
  • Fractions and decimals (relative size; fractions of amounts; addition and subtraction
  • Perimeter
  • Area; conversion between metric units
  • Properties of shape; angles

Maths buddies will continue this term as normal. As SATs are nearly upon us, I am happy to relieve and concerns you may have or suggest any resources for you with regards to both maths and either reading or English. An incredibly useful resource for maths is our TT Rockstars account, which the children all have unique passwords for! These can be reprinted if the children need them.



Following the programme of study for English, the mechanics of writing; grammar and spelling, will continue to be developed through the investigation into a range of fiction and non- fiction genre, with a focus on the development of an author’s voice.


Throughout the year, we will have the opportunity to read both fiction and non-fiction texts, within a variety of different genres. Our focuses will be authorial intent, inference, retrieval, vocabulary, summary, prediction and comparing themes and conventions across genres and authors.