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Home work

Tuesday 7th January

This week, Class 4 are receiving 2 lots of homework (yay!), the first of which will be given out today to allow for extra time, and the second piece will be given on Friday. Both pieces are expected back in school the following Wednesday (15th). As Children will have considerably longer for this piece, it will require more detail.

We started to look at pilgrimages last term, and spoke of some pilgrimages Christians went on. This week, I would like you to research pilgrimages for Muslims, and which place is most significant for them and why.
Explain:  where they go, why, who they may go with, what they hope to achieve from this.
Link this to a Christian’s pilgrimage.
This can take one of 3 different formats.
1. Research grouped into sections for a chronological report.
2. A diary entry (or several including the journey).
3. An information poster (which has the same amount of information needed as 1 and 2.

For all three formats, you be required to jot down your research first.

Useful websites:

In addition to this, children will have maths homework, multiplying (and dividing Y6) fractions.