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Admission to our Foundation Stage 1 (nursery) Provision

When can my child start?


 A child who is 3 in:

Can start Foundation 1 from:









15 hours Entitlement

We offer all 3 and 4 year olds 15 hours per week.  This is available Monday to Friday either Morning Sessions 8.45am - 11.45am, or Afternoon Sessions 12:30pm – 3:30pm. This is dependent on places available at the time of admission.


30 hours Extended Entitlement

We also offer 30 hours of Funded Entitlement to some eligible 3 and 4 year olds, this is dependent on eligibility.

These 30 hour sessions run Monday to Friday 08.45am – 3:30pm. 

Parents can check if they qualify and apply for the extended entitlement at  You will be given an eligibility code which must be submitted to the school for verification during the term before they wish to start.  Parents are responsible for renewing their code before it expires.  Children who no longer qualify for the 30 hours will be able to continue to access it until the end of a specific grace period.  Following the end of their grace period the child will revert to the standard 15 hours the following term.


Admission Procedure for Foundation 1

1. Complete an Application Form, available from the School Office or on our website.  There is no earliest date this can be completed, we are able to take application forms from birth.

2. You will receive a reply confirming we have received your form and your child is now on the waiting list. Please contact the School Office if your contact details change.

3. Your next point of contact will be when the places have been allocated; we follow the timeline for the first admissions. 

4. Our Early Years staff will get in touch with the parents during the term before your child is due to start with regards to arranging settling in sessions and a start date ready for the following term.



Being allocated a place in Foundation 1 does not guarantee a school place in Foundation 2. 

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