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The Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham Academy Trust is committed to securing excellence in its schools and academies by supporting them as they develop an ethos and learning environment based on Christian values and principles. It works with its schools to enable them to offer high quality education to pupils of all faiths and none. 


Our Multi Academy Trust is run by an Executive Board and who are accountable to the Department for Education (the DfE) and run according to a scheme of delegation. Each Academy has its own Local Governing Body.

The Executive Board has overall legal responsibility for the operation of the MAT and the Academies within it. However, the Executive Board works in partnership with its family of Academies. This Scheme of Delegation therefore provides for certain functions to be carried out by one or more of the following:

  • the Executive Board;
  • the Chief Executive Officer;
  • the Headteacher / Principal of the Academy; and
  • the Local Governing Body of the Academy.


The Members are responsible for some key decisions such as the appointment of the Directors and the auditors, but have no day to day involvement in the running of the company. 

The Directors are responsible for:

  • managing the business of the company in accordance with the Articles of Association;
  • expending the funds of the company in such a manner as they shall consider most beneficial for the achievement of the object;
  • entering into contracts on behalf of the company and exercise independent judgement;
  • promoting the success of the company

The Governors who serve on the Local Governing Body are appointed by the Executive Board. Local governing bodies include both parent and staff representatives. The Local Governing Body (LGB) for each academy retains levels of authority that are very similar to those in maintained schools. LGBs report directly to SNMAT rather than to a local authority.



Diocese Of Southwell And Nottingham Multi-Academy Trust

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